Saturday, November 03, 2007

How to have a crap Saturday.....

Take one part shower malfunction
Add in four parts school work
Mix into the pot.

Add a seasoning of still not getting enough sleep, mostly because I've spent all week (and all last week, and the week before) doing school work, in a glorious attempt to hit the backlog of huge jobs as hard as possible.

Et voila - a recipe for a really shitty saturday.
Luckily Louise and Molly took a Mommy & Molly day and buggered off to York for the day.
They're back now, so it's takeout for tea and trying to be a bit more cheerful (or a little less miserable). Luckily, Molly always makes that a lot easier:

(Found on the desk this afternoon - the hairs right, not sure about the tie -
I don't think she's ever seen me in one!)

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