Monday, November 26, 2007

Benylin Original or Nyquil - real medicine leaves a lining of fire on your throat....

Today the Bruton family went to the chemist for new cough medicines. Molly had her nice Blackcurrant flavour Tixylix. I got some Benylin Original:

I'm so used to borrowing Molly's cough medicine occasionally that it was quite a surprise to revisit the medicine of my childhood. It's a strong taste. But what really shocks is the slow burning of your throat that occurs shortly after taking a dose onboard. Now that's real medicine.

I was reminded of the lovely Denis Leary sketch about Nyquil.

I don’t do illegal drugs anymore. Now I just do the legal drugs. Tonight I’m on NyQuil and Sudafed. Let me tell you something, folks. Forget about cocaine and heroine. All you need is NyQuil and Sudafed. I’m telling you right now, I took the NyQuil five years ago. I just came out of the coma tonight before the fucking show! Klaus Von Bulow was standing over my bed going, “Denis, get up! There’s something the matter with Sunny! Hurry up!”

I love NyQuil, man. Because NyQuil has never changed, man. It’s never changed. All the other medicines are doing that inner-child thing. “We know that there’s a small child inside of you, so now we have grape and cherry and orange flavor.” Not NyQuil! They still have the original green death fucking flavor!

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