Sunday, November 25, 2007

If the weekend is just like the week without actually going to work - in what way is it special?

Last night of the moaning posts - I promise.

Still sat here with a horribly sore throat. Really annoying and destroying the concentration completely. It's taking me at least twice the time to compose any thoughts and usually they get scrapped and rewritten over and over and over because I'm so distracted.

Seem to have spent all bloody weekend working in one form or other and don't really seem to have gotten that much done.

Things I have done/managed/half done/realised over the weekend:

Umbrella Academy review
Five Fists of Science review
Temptation review
(so far, so good eh?)

Sort of nearly half-done the reports for school. (see, told you it would all break down at some point). The problem is that I've designed the reports to be as easy as possble. The head wants them done as a 4 page A4 handout, which was easy enough to do. But she also wanted the staff to have access to a comment bank to select various little phrases from to make writing the reports easier.
This is where it gets tricky. I've found a nice program to do the comments, but my problem is that if I were to include all the sample comments it would be absolutely huge.
So I have to go in tomorrow and show the head what I've got so far and see what she wants doing now.

Started some website work.
Well, I would have done if the bloody thing hadn't broken. It's a hosting problem through East Riding so nothing I can do till Monday morning.
But I could start the governor's page design.
One of the governors wanted some basic "How to be a governor" stuff putting on the website.
No prolem thinks I. I'll just knock that out quickly. Bugger, it would help if some of the weblinks he's assembled for inclusion actually worked. Spent ages finding the relevant links that he'd managed to get wrong or were just out of date.

Looked at some Teaching assistant work.
Then decided against it.
That's a special treat for tomorrow night.

So that was my weekend.
Molly had a fantastic sleepover last night. Didn't miss us at all. Which I know is a very good thing. But it's also yet another indication that she's growing up, yet another nail in my heart, yet another day nearer to the day she walks out the door and doesn't ever come back for good.
Heartbreak day by day, that's what having children is. A daily countdown to the worst day of your life.
Of course, looking at it the other way, it's 18 plus years of joy, wonder and laughter as you get to watch the most incredible person in the world grow up.

I think I prefer the latter version.

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  1. mate, that isn't true - she'll be back from college to get food and her washing done, then after graduation she will be back when she needs dad to help her move homes :-)