Thursday, November 08, 2007

Falconry ..... a death

Molly's been going to Minster Falconry Centre for a while now and is still having a great time. Every week she heads off to fly the birds and every week Louise and I spend a couple of hours drinking coffee in the cafe there.

Except last week there was some bad news.
Everyone's favourite bird; Fluffy had died overnight. Not a pleasant moment.

Molly & Fluffy back in July 07

Luckily, the owner knows how to spin a situation like this well and they're getting a new lot of barn owl chicks this week. That sort of took the sting out of the bad news slightly. But it was a sad loss. Fluffy was a lovely bird, and one of the best fliers they'd ever seen. But it was handled well and I don't think many of the children were that badly affected.
After all, something like falconry club is all about teaching nature in the raw and sadly, things die. This is not one of thse places where the educational psychologist and a host of counsellors were on hand for the children to talk to. It happens, deal with it.
I much prefer that way of doing things.

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  1. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Unfortunately when the news of fluffy's death was broken it was to blame one of their staff. This is not spin, it is to make up for their failings. How many birds have died there in total before they were thrown out?