Friday, November 23, 2007

Work, work, work, work......

Being a bit shit for the past few nights has meant I'm behind in what I need to do.

For those of you keeping track, my life can be broken down into the following areas of busyness:
Teaching Assistant course work
Reviewing Comics
(and coming in waaaay down the list - relaxing and unwinding)

Current scores.....
going well, am sorted for November and December now. Have got to get 4 reviews out of the way sharpish though just to send back to wonderful Nostalgia & Comics.
always just an ongoing thing. Sometimes just something to unwind the writing and thinking muscles after other stuff, sometimes more serious.
Teaching Assistant course work
stalled completely. Have done 1 and a half units. Need to get 7 finished by July 2008. It seems so far away now, but it's racing towards me. This current unit is complete bollocks and I'm in no mood to tackle it because.......

School work
back on the priority list. After tackling several large projects over the last month I thought I might get a little respite.
Nope. Lasted about a day. Then the requests started flying in again. Poo.
Currently ploughing through a complete redesign of the reports system,
then have to put loads of stuff on the website for the governors.
then it's new orders time, lots of nice new computers to get. Should keep the staff happy for a few days at least!

But the end result of this is that I'm looking at next week being a busy week. Want to get the governor's thing done, the reports have to be at trial stage by end of November (that would be next week as well then) and the reviews need doing next week as well just so I can return the books to Nostalgia & Comics in good time. And I know that if I don't crack on with the Teaching Assistant stuff I'll just leave it till after Christmas now.

Yes, I do know that I'm my own worst enemy.
Thanks for pointing it out.

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