Saturday, December 01, 2007

Dear sir, here's some information you already knew. That will be £1 million please.

Yesterday we received a nice letter from the child benefit people apologising for the cock up with losing the data of 25 million individuals or 7.25 million families.
Which is completely bloody pointless.
Is there anyone amongst the 7.25 million families who aren't aware of the huge mess this has landed HMR&C in? Maybe a family that's been on a visit to relatives in the Amazon? Or for those holidaying on the moon perhaps?

But what does amaze me is the sheer scale of the expense that HMR&C have just gone to to apologise for something we all knew about anyway.

7.25 million families.
All receiving letters.
2nd class franked post. I have no idea what that costs, assuming that HMR&C get a sizeable discount from the post office. Maybe 15p each?

That is a frankly staggering 1.08 MILLION POUNDS.
All spent from taxpayers money just to tell us information that we already bloody knew about anyway.
Incompetence and stupidness just doesn't cover it.

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  1. They probably had to - given the fact they were too fecking incompetent to even put up information on their website as the news was first coming out. If any concerned citizen went to their website on hearing the news to find out more they'd have found sod all, not a mention. Bearing in mind they knew about this for weeks before the House and the public were told but it never even occurred to them to put a bit on their website for those affected to check just shows how bloody incompetent and stupid these idiots are. I thought the civil service exam was supposed to weed out the worst so we ended up with very clever people, but they seem like a bunch of clowns instead...