Saturday, December 01, 2007

Terry Wiley - where for art thou?

Hi everyone.

Does anyone reading this happen to be Terry Wiley, comic artist extra-ordinaire and erstwhile publisher of Sleaze Castle?
Or failing that, anyone got Terry's email.
I've got a reader wanting to get in touch with him and looking to complete her Sleaze Castle collection.

Why haven't I got his email you ask?
Because I buggered up backing up my outlook express address book a while back. That's why!

cheers all



    is his website with email

    Also on Flickr here

    If he doesn't have any left I donated a load of old BugPowder stock to the Caption kids to do with what they will including Sleaze Castle issues and collections. So you could give them a shout.

  2. see - this is why Pete Ashton is my internet hero!

  3. Payback for thrusting all those comix at me back in the day. ;)

  4. Anonymous12:23 AM

    *blink* I'm here! I didn't go anywhere!

    as Pete says, follow follow follow the yellow brick link...