Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Still the night before Christmas........

And still, technically Christmas Day, but that doesn't start till I've actually been to bed.

The presents are all stacked. All I have left to do is the stocking just before I head to bed.
Hopefully this year she'll stay asleep a little later than the 3:20am the other year. I'd put the stocking in at 2:50, got into bed at 3:00am and must have had 10 minutes of sleep before we hear her go to the toilet, find her stocking and come excitedly charging into us with those lovely screams of
Despite all our best efforts she was more likely to fly than to go back to sleep and we eventually gave up at 4:30am and got up.
Keeping fingers crossed.

This year's stash looks very nice. Although like parents around the world both Louise and I started to get paranoid that it looked a little small earlier.... insane!

So Merry Christmas to all. And to all a good night.

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