Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Twas the night before Christmas......

Well, actually, by the time I post this it's well into Christmas morning, but what the hell.
I started doing it on Christmas Eve so my sentiments in the right place.

As usual, the past few days have been lovely, watching Molly get more and more and more and more and more and more (you get the idea) hyper. Yesterday was a visit from Auntie Sharon, Uncle David and cousins Helen and Rachel. A lovely meal out was had by all.

Molly displaying swag from Auntie Sharon.

And then today was spent doing Christmassy things, putting out the Santa stop here sign, checking on Santa's progress round the world on the NORAD tracks Santa website, and generally getting more and more excited. Molly's currently asleep, having fought it and fought it and fought it for many hours.
Hopefully she'll wake up late tomorrow. Although her idea of late on Christmas Day would probably be something like 6am. I'm fully expecting to be sitting bleary eyed in the lounge opening presents in a few short hours time.

Earlier we spent a little while getting the traditional tray for santa ready:

Personally I love the little notes. Just in case Santa and rudolph get a bit muddled up.

Then it was up to bed. Stocking was put in place just next to a menagerie of Christmas cuddlies and she even found time to calm down long enough to write a little message, complete with a couple of impressively long words all of her own and a couple of glaring spelling mistakes (but, seeing as it's Christmas, we didn't have the heart to correct.)

It's now nearly 2:30am and she's just completed her regular toilet stop. It's now safe to put the presents out downstairs and get the stocking ready. Then I can head for bed, hoping and praying (with little chance) of getting more than 3 hours sleep.....

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