Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tesco - your friendly neighbourhood store.....? WTF?

Bless their little cotton socks. That little neighbourhood shop down the road, just next to the Butchers and the Fishmongers where you get all your little essentials - you know the one?
Well it seems they're opening another shop in the United States of Somewhere.

Isn't that lovely.
A little store to combat all those evil, nasty supermarkets who don't care about neighbourhoods, the environment or their employees quality of life.

Nasty, evil supermarkets who expand their way across a country, opening bigger and bigger stores, putting smaller, more convenient local stores out of business by deep discounting and loss leading. Huge corporate nasty supermarkets who will pay producers a pittance, but since they operate anti-competitive practices, the producers really don't have a choice and have to go along, realising less and less for more and more.

I could keep going.
I could list the evils of the big supermarkets until I'm blue in the face.

But I don't need to.
There's a website set up to show you exactly what I'm talking about - Tescopoly.org
Or try these - BBC, wiki, Independent, Friends of the Earth (pdf)

So, we now know big, nasty supermarket bad.
small neighbourhood market good.

Which probably explains why the biggest, nastiest of all UK supermarket's:

Has decided to enter the US market again, this time by branding themselves as:

As we watch this wolf in green, organic, fair-trade sheep's clothing sidle up to America it's no more than a spectacular fuck you to Britain really.

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