Wednesday, December 05, 2007

work, work, work, work......... and grandparents visiting. more work.

Several things going on at once and likely no posting for a couple of days.....

School - loads of new ict coming in this week and next.
My own fault really. The head asked me what we needed and I gave her a wish list.
Now the thing I understand about wish lists is they're not meant to be granted almost immediately.
Obviously the head does not understand this.

Because this week we have 5 new laptops and 9 new pcs coming into school.
So this week I will spend the festive season knee deep in computers, cursing as they fail to do what they're meant to, fail to install the things they're meant to install and yet again fail to be the sort of things we were promised the future would be back when we were children.

I can finally bin the old Windows Me laptops and pcs we have around the school. No longer will I have to tell staff that the work they've just done on the crappy machines is lost.
(although I always try to tell them not to use the crappy machines in the first place - but do they listen? Hell no. The best excuse I heard for why one member of staff used the Me machine over an XP machine in the same room was that she liked to sit in the corner. It seems she also liked waiting for ages for the blue screen to vanish, losing work and bitching about it to me).

Plus this week the Grandparents are up to see Molly (and us - but I'm no fool - it's Molly they're here for really!)
Of course, this does not mean I get let off work at all.
Dad is bringing his computer up. His new computer. He wants to know if I can install the thing?

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