Monday, January 28, 2008

Birmingham Weekend ...... Captain Jack in Panto...

This last weekend the Bruton family took a trip to see Birmingham again.

Louise and Molly were particularly excited as they were off to the panto to see...

Aladdin this year starred John Barrowman, and not only featured a 3D genie but also had Daleks, the Grumbleweeds and Don Maclean.
(I don't recall the Daleks showing up in my memories of the Aladdin, but maybe it's just my memory at fault.)
To be honest I really don't know who was more excited at seeing the panto, Louise or Molly. I do know that they both came out of the show as flushed as schoolgirls with Louise particularly enthusing about John Barrowman, who is, I am told, absolutely gorgeous....

The adulation and schoolgirl giggling only got worse when we headed round the corner into the throng by the stage door where Captain Jack was signing autographs. Louise did the classic parent thing and thrust Molly through the crowd to get her ticket signed...

Afterwards they both came running out of the crowd, almost visibly shaking and both said how lovely he was. But I think they meant it in very different ways.
And yes, we're all aware that I have more chance of bagging the Captain than Louise does.
But it was a good pantomime.

Whilst they were at the panto I headed off to good old Nostalgia & Comics for a look round and to pick up some comics and books. Rich is still talking to me, despite what I said about The Sword. It was lovely to see the place again and chat to everyone. Of course, the staff are mostly new faces to me now and I still shudder to think of the day I head through the doors and don't actually recognise anyone working there. That will be a cold knife to the heart.

Then off to the pub for a drinky with Dave, (shop manager on his day off) & his lovely wife Debbie. Much talk of Yorkshire, holidays, comics and comic shops and then it was time to meet Louise and Molly.

Saturday evening was spent dropping Molly round at her sleepover. Ever since she started Nursery at 5 months old she's known Ellen and Louise and I have become good friends with the family. It was always one of the contacts we intended to keep up when we left for the North and we're doing very well.
Dinner at Mandy & Ellens (and a very rich but absolutely lovely Vanilla Custard and Raspberry Sauce) was followed by a night out in Birmingham with good friends Mark and Vicki.
Sunday was spent wishing Happy 17th Birthday to Louise's cousin Rachel (Happy Birthday Rachel)
Then home and back to lovely Yorkshire.

Tired now, off to bed.

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