Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Fat Man - preview of a great looking new book

The Fat Man -what looks like it will be a really great series of three graphic novels.
There's a huge 50 page preview available as a pdf download at the website and it looks lovely.

Art by Alan Tanner is eye poppingly bright, just what can be expected from a former artist at Oz magazine. But his layouts and stylings are very, very good.
I just haven't had chance to read the thing yet though but just from the first few pages I know I want to when I have the time.

However, from the synopsis:
"The Fat Man involves a British MI5 undercover agent who is approached by himself with proof of the existence of a notorious World War 2 Nazi 'secret weapon' - The Tegal Project - discounted many years previously as German propaganda.
Following instructions given to himself during a strange encounter he is led to a meeting with a displaced group of SS soldiers - the 'Ansatz J├Ągerretinue' - Himler's chosen guardians of the Tegal Project.
The MI5 agent (code-named The Fat Man) is taken to the location of the Time machine - in a subterranean structure built by WW2 slave labour under the current Chernobyl nuclear facility in the Ukraine. The Nazi research was not complete and was taken over by the Soviets who eventually got the machine working in 1986.

The adventure continues for the Fat Man when he is processed by the Tegal chromaton blood enrichment and his physical system is brought to a criticality and he is sent to the Nazi "Barbarossa" invasion in 1944.

The Fat Man is taken prisoner and taken to meet Himler and Hitler at the Eagle's Nest, the adventures continue with a fight with the Sex Pistols in 1976 London, a serious romance with Louise Brooks in Berlin 1928 and the robbery of Akhenaton in Ancient Egypt."
(As an aside, I really do have a terrible problem with reading for pleasure on a screen. After a while of reading either comics or prose I start to get the nastiest of headaches and have to give up. Strangely this doesn't apply to news, articles, reviews or other short pieces - those I can look at for hours, flitting and dashing around the Internet as I do).

The Fat Man is due for release by Thomas Cochrane Associates and The Twisty-Headed Man Company in November 2008. Written by Thomas Cochrane, Art by Alan Tanner.

More information and details of what looks like it may be quite special nearer the time no doubt.

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