Thursday, January 24, 2008

Comic shops - what you really, really want...

Alan Daid Doane has recently been posting about what core values and practices he would like comic shops to adopt. (All of which are simple, reasonable, essential for growth and something we've been banging on about for ages.)

But I think Tim O'Neil does it with a bit more style and a hell of a lot more snark....

  • When I see retailers making a point to cultivate casual customers, I feel jealous and unwelcome.
  • I want to feel when I walk in the door of my comic book store that I am entering a dark, wet womb which envelops me and protects me.
  • I like to be able to look around the shop and see isolated, sullen loners buying their comics.
  • I like knowing that my fellow customers and the clerks in my store hate the hobby as much as I do, and hate it for the same reasons: I hate comics because of the person they made me.

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