Saturday, January 19, 2008

David Peace - The Damned Utd - Audio Book.

I was recently sent a nice review copy of David peace's Damned Utd audio book.

And it was everything I expected it to be and quite a little more.
I'm not a great fan of audio books, feeling they force the mind down one particular route rather than letting the imagination fly free as a book is surely meant to do.

So with that proviso I can certainly say it's nearly as enjoyable as David Peace's excellent book.

The one surprise of course was how matched John Simm was to the role of narrator. I initially, before hearing it, thought it was a slightly strange choice, surely he wouldn't be able to nail the voice of an old, alcoholic Brian Clough. But I was wrong. Very wrong. He got it exactly right. Listening to each cd was an aural treat.

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