Wednesday, January 02, 2008

How to fix a fridge freezer with a piece of paper.....

Our old fridge freezer, when we moved up here, was installed in the garage. But we noticed that last winter it wasn't freezing properly. Of course, we noticed at the end of winter, and resolved to do something about it if it carried on. Winter turned into spring and the problem went away.

Back to this winter and Louise notices the ice cream is a little soft.
We resolve to get a fridge freezer thermometer, and eventually, now that Christmas and all the panic and chaos is over, got one and found it running at a magnificent -5C. Not really good enough.

But this time we actually got the instruction manual out.
Hey presto.....
"If the temperature of the place in which the appliance is to be installed is lower than 18C....."
Oh bloody hell yes. Sometimes the garage feels like a bloody freezer.
"It is necessary to turn on the switch A Fig2. The necessary temperature will be maintained in the freezer compartment".

And what do you know.
It is. -19C
Our fridge freezer. Fixed by a piece of paper.

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