Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bridge To Terabithia

The Bruton family settled down to watch this at the weekend.
We'd earmarked it as one to get a while ago, but having not experienced the book and only having seen the movie trailer we were expecting some sort of magical fantasy adventure a la Zarathura, Narnia et al.

We certainly weren't expecting the movie that we got. The fantasy was predominantly inside the children's heads, the real story was about the power of the imagination and the beauty of childhood. It was 95 minutes of a children's movie like they used to be. Incredibly moving, unexpectedly dark and deeply upsetting. Molly cried almost non-stop through the last third. But definitely wants to watch it again.
The last time a movie for Molly affected us like this it was Nanny McPhee, another one that we weep through the last part of the movie. Bunch of softies that we are.

I'm not going to ruin the story because anyone with children Molly's age and upwards should really get it out on dvd and get the tissues ready. But if you want the story, spoilers and all, head for the Wiki page.

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