Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bruton mansions at the weekend.......

This weekend has been mostly me asleep. I'm still having real problems getting myself into bed early, something I seem incapable of doing much about. All I can do is attempt to change.
The problem is still that I go to bed late because my brain doesn't really get switched on until late, which means most of the work I do, whether it be blog, reviews, Teaching Assistant course or school work is done late night. So when I finish I'm still awake and have to wind down. Usually this means it's 2am by the time I get to bed.
Now a whole week of doing this and getting up at 7am with Molly means I'm wiped out at the weekend and invariably sleep in. This is not a good thing.

However, despite this we had a lovely weekend, dvds were watched, games were played and we ended the afternoon doing Molly's favourite thing: Playing school.

Class sitting ready to do literacy.

So all in all, not bad, but Richard could do better.
I shall try.

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