Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's Half Term: Day 2: a bitty day around Pocklington

Day 2 of the half term. Molly is prepared:

I particularly liked the hot choc and coffee (maybe a cake) part. Oh, you can really hear that hopeful questioning tone in her voice when she wrote that.
And yes, we did get cake.

Amazingly, nearly all were completed. Post Office, got her some colouring and a Simpsons comic, booked her haircut for tomorrow and came home and had a play. Then out to take bottles, cardboard, plastic, clothes and anything else we can recycle to the local dump.
Finally off to swimming. I always forget that now she's 8 she can be in there on her own. After much cajoling on her part I sloped off after half an hours back knackering lengths to have a coffee giving her 15 minutes on her own with just a couple of classmates. She loved it and is already asking when she can arrange to go with a friend on her own, walking down and back. (Not bloody yet was what I thought).

A good day.

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