Wednesday, February 13, 2008

February 13th 1998 - odd date for a wedding

Ten years of marriage.

When looking at dates for the wedding we decided that we wanted a February wedding for a half term honeymoon. Then we tackled the Registry Officer in Birmingham.

Us: Okay. It has to be in February on a Friday.
Registrar: (pauses, slight gasp, possibly a small tut). What date are you after, since February is hugely booked up, even this far in advance, what with Valentines Day and all that.
Us: Friday 13th
Registrar: (without even pausing to consult any booking notes or diary) That's completely free.

So 10 years ago today we had a lovely little wedding. 22 sit down guests serenaded by the likes of Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine, The The, The Cure and That Petrol Emotion.
Yes, I was in charge of the music, why do you ask?
And so far the date has given us nothing but good luck.

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