Friday, February 15, 2008

It's Half Term Day 4: Hull. Streetlife Museum.

We've now lived in Pocklington for 16 months. In that time we've not visited Leeds nor have we visited Hull.
Yesterday, we crossed Hull off the to-do list.

Aside from going over the Humber Bridge I can't see us going back any time soon.
To those of you left behind in the Midlands, it reminded me rather of Wolverhampton. And that's never a good thing.

But there is a lovely part of Hull, one that's hidden away and really badly signposted as well. It's Old Town, with the old docks, lovely museums and fantastic architectural details. But most of Hull doesn't bother going there, not enough cheap shops it seems.

(Hepworth's Arcade. Beautiful late Victorian arcade. Now full of awful tat shops)

(The old quarter is full of beautiful little features like this alleyway)

So, off to the museum quarter. First up: Streetlife Museum. Hull's transport museum. Beautifully laid out, full of interesting stuff and most importantly for Molly, full of lots of things you can jump on and off. Which is quite surprising in some instances: Britain's oldest tramcar. Feel free to get on, run around and sit down on all the seats. Bizarre.

But it was hugely enjoyable. Very quick, but as it was free to get in, that wasn't something we were that concerned with. We leave and pop into the Museum Quarter shop to appease Molly and I notice a sign at the back of the shop telling me it's the entrance to the Hull & East Riding Museum. Thinking it wouldn't be much (it was stuck in the back of a shop after all), I dragged the family in. Two hours later, we emerge, blinking into the sunlight. The museum is huge. It's the entire history of the East Riding. From prehistoric through Iron Age, Celts, Norman times, right through to the present day. Fantastic, just very badly disguised.

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