Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's Half Term: Day 3: Underdog, tenpins and an 8 year old pool shark....

(This is about Wednesday, but wedding anniversary delayed blogging last night - I know, no commitment.)
I had planned to take her along to Xscape. But it's far too expensive and needed booking about four years ago for this half term. So the skiing lessons, tubing, rock climbing, aerial adventure, laserzone, glow in the dark crazy golf and soft play will just have to wait.
(To give you an idea, that little list costs about £100+)

So instead, it was off to the pictures to see Underdog:

My policy on movies is pretty simple. If Mark Kermode says go see it, then I will go and see it (or get the dvd). It works as a system for me. I've always found his choices suit my tastes and as such he's one of the few reviewers I will always listen to. I make time to listen to his Radio 5 Friday afternoon podcast and find it consistently on e of the best pieces of radio on all week.

But this half term I was stuck. Of our choices of suitable films; Molly had already rejected Bee Movie, I thought Penelope looked bloody awful and I had no idea how bad Underdog was. Stupidly I didn't go online and find Kermode's review of it. Instead I went to IMDB where it had a 3.8/10 rating. Luckily one of the last reviews was from a mom and her daughter, who was just as mad about dogs as Molly and they mentioned how good it was. So I took a chance. And it was good. Not great, just good. But an enjoyable, passed an hour plus pleasantly enough good. Molly loved the dog, I didn't fall asleep.

As an afterword: I've just listened to the Mark Kermode review of it - "essentially rubbish , but I quite enjoyed it". Yep, that's absolutely right. Again.

Then it was off to the bowling alley for a game of tenpin and a game of pool. Bliss for Molly. She's always loved pool from an early age and will actively seek out pool tables wherever we go on holiday. She's getting pretty good at it as well.....

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