Thursday, February 21, 2008

Page 45 Eddie Campbell signing.
Sunday 3rd August 2008

I found about this a while back, when Eddie mentioned it on his blog, but no-one else seemed to be mentioning it and out of respect for dear Stephen at Page 45 decided to let him announce it in his own time.

So, here's the my space announcement: Eddie Campbell signing. Sunday 3rd August. 1:30-3:30. Meet in Page 45.
Then, as Stephen is known to be partial to alcohol (Preferably red, but he's not that fussy really), they're all off down the pub. And so could you. Turn up at Page 45 for the signing and be let in on the secret pub location for a night of revelry with Eddie (who's also partial to a drop of the good stuff so I'm told).
I may get around to going. I hope so. I still owe Holland a drink from many years ago.

For those of you who don't know Page 45 is one of the best comic shops I've ever been into. In fact, purely on shops I've visited; the top three are Nostalgia & Comics, Page 45 and GOSH. I know I'm biased about Nostalgia & Comics but I really believe we are a fantastic shop, passionate, great stock and continually striving to get better.
In terms of other UK shops I really mean to visit but haven't yet; OK Comics at Leeds is meant to be really good, as are various FPI stores around the country (Edinburgh, Glasgow et al). Again, I know I may be seen as biased about FPI, but just talking to some og the folks at FPI about the business has proven to me thatFPI, despite it's flirtation with being a pop culture store is predominantly a Comic Shop.
Like we always used to say at Nostalgia & Comics: It's what we do best. And if, as reported by those who should know, other FPI stores are doing the same as Nostalgia & Comics; putting comics and graphic novels right at the heart of everything we do, then the future looks bright.

And with stores of the caliber of GOSH, N&C and Page 45, the future does indeed look extremely bright indeed.

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