Tuesday, February 26, 2008

World Book Day 2008 - what Molly is doing...

It's World Book Day soon. On the one hand this is a cause for great celebration and much fun all round. Molly's school has a lovely day of celebration and reading, the book vouchers are distributed and all have a lovely day.
But there's a twist. Oh, there always is.
Every year we get the word a few weeks in advance that it's world book day and then the note on the bottom of the letter mentions those two words every sane parent dreads:
Fancy bloody dress (that's three words).

Last year we chickened out and she wore a princess / fairy outfit and went as Molly the Goldfish Fairy from one of those Daisy Meadows books. You know the ones - the fairy series that never seems to run out of new types of fairies: flower fairies, jewel fairies, dance fairies, weather fairies, funday fairies, christmas fairies, pantomime fairies, pet keeper fairies, peace protesting fairies, anti-war demo fairies, arms dealer fairies, emergency service fairies. The list just keeps on growing and growing and Daisy Meadows accountant rubs his hands together with girlish glee.

But this year Molly's decided she wants to get a bit more creative and is after ideas. We've already rejected the Simpsons - not a book. She's rejected Harry Potter, as she did that a while back for the Harry Potter book release. But she wants to go as something interesting and since she's been reading comics at bedtime recently she wanted to go as Owly. But that was too difficult to do properly. Then it was Snoopy. Again, too difficult.
But it did give us an idea:

We have the dress, Molly's going to get her hair done for the day with a bob and a flick. All I have to do is make a portable psychiatrist's stand and maybe pick up an American football and she's going to be spending the day explaining to everyone exactly who Lucy Van Pelt is.

Bought a broom handle for a portable psych booth, get one laptop accesories box from work, lots of no more nails and gaffa tape. Leave to dry overnight:

More as the design develops......

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