Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another busy weekend at Bruton mansions

Friday night was Molly's school's PTA disco. This is our fourth one of these and they're always the same sort of thing. Good for the PTA kitty but bad for the ears. My poor old, tinitus ravaged ears. Molly and her friends had a lovely time bouncing about until quite late while we and the other parents sat back and drank the canned lager and cheap wine from the makeshift bar.

After that, Saturday was a lazy day catching up with lots of little things, sleep, homework, gardening, house stuff. Just your average weekend do nothing day really. After a busy week for Molly of trampolining contests, Netball matches and late night discos she needed a break.

Today started badly and got better. After getting the instruction to "go and jump on daddy to wake him up" from Louise, Molly proceeded to do a perfect swan dive onto the bed. There was a huge almighty crack and I now have to get some timber on Monday to support the centre beam where she managed to break it. I swear she made a full 3 feet off the ground before landing.

Then out to Millington Wood (see here and here for details). We got back in time to finish off homework and settle down for the Dancing on Ice final. Or at least Louise and Molly did. My interest started and ended with seeing what Holly was wearing. Oh dear. I think I see lots of complaints coming into ITV1 about that affair again.

And now it's an evening of quiet repose, sorting out some reviews to go off to FPI blog and readying myself for the last four days of half term. The only down side to this is that we're off on Friday, which is my half day anyway. Bah. I'm determined that next term I shall actually make full use of my half day and leave at 1. Rather than what has been happening recently where I seem to get caught up in various things and never seem to get out before half 2. The difference that hour and a half makes is staggering. If I'm out by 1 I seem to have a lovely relaxing afternoon stretching out in frot of me before picking Molly up at half 3. If I'm out at half 2, it's rush, rush, rush to get anything done and a feeling of complete exhaustion on Friday evening.

Hopefully this week should be relatively quiet. The great news is that I'm well ahead on the school to-do list and there's nothing too taxing on the agenda this week either. I'm actually loooking forward to an Easter holiday without any work to be done in preparation for the new term. That's the first time that's happpened since I started. It appears all of the extra work I've put in is beginning to make a real difference and I'm really starting to find my feet properly.


  1. You know I was almost going to make a "you'll regret all this trampolining when Molly breaks a bed" comment last week but didn't :-)

  2. oliver east2:34 PM

    hi richard,

    can you email me your postal address to;

    i deleted your email address by accident and i'd like to send you a copy of trains 5.