Monday, March 31, 2008

A busy day?

Today was, in theory, a work day.

Molly was very, very, very excited this morning and eventually I had no excuse and had to let her out of the cupboard under the stairs, give her breakfast and take her round to her friend's house where she's off to a farm this afternoon and having a sleepover.
(I always worry slightly about putting in obvious gags like the idea of keeping Molly in the cupboard because someone out there will look at it and be offended. Then again, these people are probably offended by the bloody sun rising in a morning anyway.)

So, getting back home for midday, I had planned to spend the entire afternoon doing reviews of loads of lovely small press comics I have at the moment.

That was the plan.
So far this afternoon I have:

Listened to 2 Now Show podcasts, Mitch Benn's podcast, last week's Kermode podcast.
Reorganised Itunes.
Downloaded some Yazoo, Weather Report, Siouxsie & The Banshees and Cabaret Voltaire.
Cleared out the 200 plus bloglines feeds I'd not gotten round to reading.
Deleted a lot of bloglines feeds (see above).
Realised the links on Fictions in the sidebar are very out of date - reorganised, deleted and added.
Tried to sort out a problem with the school website.
Looked around online at Ipod speakers - after something very good for no money.
(Anyone got any ideas? Currently using a JBL On Stage 8wRMS and after something a bit punchier).
This blog post.

It's now 4pm.
I really need to get around to these bloody reviews......
Just off to price up TVs.....

Update 5:25: Have re-re-arranged my entire bloglines feeds and found some Pocklington specific feeds.
Still no reviews. Arse.

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