Monday, March 31, 2008

I can see Kevin Spacey's point. How are these shows not promotional?

Kevin Spacey has come out and asked why the Beeb are allowed to get away with producing 13 weeks of promotional material for specific West End Shows.

He does have a point. The Maria one was obviously promotion for the Andrew lloyd webber production of Sound Of Music. The Joseph one was obviously promotion for the Joseph musical (another ALW production). And now, the Oliver one is obviously promoting Cameron Macintosh's new Oliver show.

The Beeb's response:
shows were not "unduly promotional". "These Saturday night shows celebrate musical theatre generally, not just one West End show," said Elaine Bedell, controller of entertainment commissioning.
Public to BBC. You're wrong.
They are unduly promotional.
They celebrate these specific musicals and act as direct adverts for the shows.
The TV series will directly drive sales.

Can I get a rebate from the license fee from the multi-million pound revenues from these shows please. I'm not greedy though, please put my rebate directly into BBC Radio. Thanks.

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