Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mam Tor's Time Out supplement ......

Down the Tubes is reporting on a publishing coup by Liam and Chris Sharp's Mam Tor Publishing Company. They've landed a 16 page insert in Time Out magazine called Four Feet From A Rat.
"Mam Tor Publishing Ltd. has collaborated with Mother (London) Advertising Ltd. to produce a 16 page quarterly comic inside the London edition of "Time Out" magazine (March 19th 2008). Called "Four Feet From a Rat" - it features four London-centric stories; "The Crane Gods" illustrated by Liam Sharp, "The Little Guy" by Chris Weston, "Routemaster" by Dave Kendall, and "Don Pigeone" by Kev Crossley. All the scripts were provided by Mother."
And, as Down The Tubes says, Time Out sells 200,000 and has an estimated pass through rate of 5 people per copy which means Mam Tor are getting their work to a cool million readers.
Now that's expanding the medium.

(via Down the Tubes)

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