Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No I Will Not Fix Your Computer

Saw this T-shirt at think geek. Good to wear to the next training day I think.

And got an email from PC World the other day that made me think I should start a school based service for the teaching staff. For just £29.99 the Tech Guys will do a data backup of all of your files.
Yes. They do charge £30 to copy your files onto a CD or external drive. Amazing.

So far this term I've troubleshooted the following:
Vista compatibility issues
Installed a troublesome scanner onto a laptop
Installed anti-virus and anti-spyware
Had a look at bluetooth problems
Backed up a hard disk.
Done a full search to get someone the best deal for their new computer.
I reckon that works out to about £200.
But I do it for free, out of the kindness of my black heart.

If I was nastier I'd charge for this stuff. I really would.

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