Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Today at work ..... planning? what's planning?

You'd think, if you were a subject coordinator for primary schools in the area, you'd actually have some idea of what you were doing wouldn't you?

Or maybe not.
9am. I get notice that a class is coming in to be led by someone visiting. No more idea than that.

9:30. In they come.

First problem: wants software that we haven't got on the network.
9:40. Have downloaded and installed it across the ict suite while the class wait.

Second problem: there's malware reported on his pen drive and our network won't let him use it. (Good network, have a network biscuit).
Of course this hasn't stopped him trying to use it anyway and is busy trying to get round it when I notice what's happening.

9:50. We get the files from his laptop and use those after thoroughly virus checking them.
9:55. The pupils start using the files. Because I had no time to copy them so they'd all have individual files to work on we start getting sharing errors. Luckily nothing major, so we can click ignore and soldier on.

So the day didn't start all that well.
But it's final day tomorrow.
All I need to do is repair a dvd drive, clean the ict suite, copy some files over for a teacher to her laptop and go to church for the Easter service.

Then it's holiday time!

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