Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Alan Moore - Outbreaks Of Violets

It begins with a single incident, a moment's madness that newsmen will later dub "road reasonableness": A gridlocked driver snaps and bellows at a fellow motorist "I Like Your Hat!"

The full set of scans from this incredibly rare Alan Moore work are online thanks to Rich Johnston at CBR.
Outbreaks Of Violets was essentially a trading card set featuring the writing of Alan Moore and a host of international artists. It was produced for the 1995 MTV Europe Music Awards as an oversized folder and was beautifully designed by Rian Hughes. I imagine the majority of the champagned up Euro-celebs took one look at it and promptly threw it away.

Moore’s story is his take on the idea of random acts of kindness and is told through the 24 cards from the following artists:

1) Mique Beltran
2) Max Cabanes
3) Mick McMahon
4) Baru
5) Francesca Ghermandi
6) Javier Mariscal
7) Jean-Philippe Stassen
8) Kellie Strom
9) Francois Avril
10) Isabel Kreitz
11) Rachael Ball
12) Max Andersson
13) Stefano Ricci
14) Francois Boucq
15) Jamie Hewlett
16) Max
17) Edmond Boudoin
18) Ed Pinsent
19) Loustal
20) John M. Burns
21) Pirinen
22) Lorenzo Mattotti
23) Christian Gorny
24) Ever Meulen

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