Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Completely lost night. I'm blaming Microsoft

Got an email today from the evil ones saying that Outlook Express support for Hotmail accounts was being pulled in June. Which was a shame because unlike nearly everything Microsoft I've used Outlook Express was nice, simple and effective.
So time, they said, to move over to Windows Live Mail.
Bollocks, thinks I, time to move over to Mozilla's Thunderbird. But I thought I'd have a look and maybe run a week of one, a week of the other - just to see how they work.
And knowing that I'll have to talk dad through changing over as well I thought it best to see which was easiest for him.
That was 4 hours ago.
I've twiddled, faffed and tweaked away to my heart's content and have to report, sadly, that Microsoft Live Mail is pretty nifty really. Looks far more flash than it needs to be (it is based on the vista look after all) but just works nice and easily.
Thunderbird also works. But it's more work to get it to work, having to download add-ons and then configure your servers as well. Not something I really want to take dad through.
So it looks like I may stick with the evil ones a little longer after all.

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