Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Albert Hoffman 1906-2008

Albert Hoffman died last night aged 102.
Hofmann was, of course, the scientist responsible for synthesising LSD-25 in 1938.

Little by little I could begin to enjoy the unprecedented colors and plays of shapes that persisted behind my closed eyes.
Kaleidoscopic, fantastic images surged in on me, alternating, variegated, opening and then closing themselves in circles and spirals, exploding in colored fountains, rearranging and hybridizing themselves in constant flux.
It was particularly remarkable how every acoustic perception, such as the sound of a door handle or a passing automobile, became transformed into optical perceptions.
Every sound generated a vividly changing image, with its own consistent form and color.

Albert Hoffman, describing the effects of his ingestion of LSD following his "Bicycle Day"


  1. Anonymous2:31 AM

    Infinite Love to Albert

  2. A bird's droppings fallin' on your crotch as you sun-bath.