Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Want, Want, Want again.....

Okay, in addition to this lot, I've got a new want to add onto the techie list.
We've had some new monitors at school to replace clunky old CRT monitors. The best value we could get were 17 inch ones.
Just for fun I brought one home last night to compare to my meager 15 inch monitor.
Now I want one. Or a 19 inch one maybe.

But I have decided that I'm not going to get a new I-Pod after all.
30Gb is a fine number for music. I've started going through the music on there with a critical ear and deleting some of it now. (It seems that this is normal after having a bit of a binge on bit-torrent).

And I'm waiting until they release the new 9 inch scren version of the eeepc to see what impact that has on prices. We've already had one educational supplier emailing today with a 7 inch 4Gb for £189 (excl VAT) so maybe prices will come down even more.

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