Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bruton Mansions Sunday and the misery of networking

Molly and Louise are lazing around downstairs watching Oliver on dvd. (Molly wanted to get this after watching the godawful advert for a west end musical that the BBC is putting out right now.)

I retreated upstairs to my desk. After checking mail, checking newsfeeds and generally mooching round the interweb for a bit I've started musing on the last week.

It's my worst week ever at work. The problems we've had with the network have completely destroyed my confidence in my ability to actually do the job. The problem lies with my lack of network knowledge. Any network issues are a challenge and anything more than minor problems really cause me trouble. So far I've either been lucky or blessed with just one major network issue when the whole thing went down but was fixed within half an hour by the people who put the thing in place initially.

Now we have the prospect of having to roll out the SIMs registration thing across the network and things have become more difficult. Part of it really isn't my fault though. The initial network setup was done either badly or lazily, having a network without any real defined users and everyone on similar access levels was never a good idea. Unfortunately this is now my problem and I'm going to have to get someone in to fix it so we can work SIMs and the Learning Platform thing that East Riding is rolling out over the summer.

So I was left feeling completely defeated by my inability and utterly miserable.
The only upside was that after talking to first Louise, then the ICT coordinator and then the head, I was reassured that they thought I was doing a good job, concentrating on the pupils and their ICT skils rather than the technical side f things.

Plus I have to keep thinking that I'm not being paid to be a network manager and that the amount of time I'm contracted for means that I have a whole 8 hours spare when I'm not in lessons.
That's 8 hours to do everything. All the various problems the teachers manage to get themselves into, generating new resources, updating the website and all the other countless little jobs that make up my day. It just doesn't add up and certainly gives me no time to sort out the network.
So like everyone says when something goes wrong with the network I just have to accept that I don't have the skills or the time to sort it out and have to get the professionals out.
But with my control freak personality I'm finding it really hard to actually accept this.

So all week and most of the weekend has been spent in a hideous bad mood. Utterly miserable and wondering what the hell I'm meant to be doing.

Tomorrow I go in and try to find out how much we're going to get charged for the network update. Hopefully I shall be able to pick myself up and start enjoying it again.

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