Friday, April 11, 2008

The Bruton mansions revolving door policy continues

Last weekend we had friends up to stay. Well, actually it was just an excuse for Mark to bring up the latest batch of comics from Nostalgia & Comics and us to go out to the pub and drink, but we're not telling Louise or Vicki that.
Then my mom and dad made an appearance Wednesday and left today. As is usual when they turn up, we had a lovely time. And Molly, as always, was delighted to have her only grandparents around. Even though they're a little slower now, she's always so wonderfully patient and caring with them. It's lovely to see.
And tomorrow, Louise's sister makes an appearance with one of Molly's cousins. The other cousin has far, far better things to do with her time - and who can blame her!
But our door is always open.

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