Friday, April 11, 2008

I was looking forward to listening to the Mark Kermode podcast....

Every Friday I'm meant to have the afternoon off.
Well, I'm meant to finish at 1pm. This means I can get home, put the kettle on, have a relaxed lunch and chill out before going to pick Molly up at 3:35. Of course, it rarely gets to be like this. Usually I finish more like 2 or 2:30. This means I barely have time for the coffee before rushing out again.

But later ona Friday night I always clear a slot of time to listen to the Simon Mayo / Mark Kermode film reviews podcast. Kermode is one of those reviewers whose views on a film I find I'm rarely in disagreement with. And the half hour plus with Mayo on Radio 5 is never less than thoroughly entertaining radio.

But today I got 5 minutes in and just deleted it. Because not only is Mayo on holiday, but so is Kermode. I can cope with Mayo's replacement, Gabby Logan. But the thing that made me turn off was Kermodes replacement:

Hardeep Singh Kohli. Smug. Annoying. Patronising and boring. Please let Kermode be back next week.


  1. oliver east8:45 AM

    anyone's preferable to James king

  2. Hah! That's the irritating chap who was presenting the Guardian awards which I stage invaded. Folk like him need to realise lazy irony became boring about 10 years ago.