Sunday, April 06, 2008

Easter Holidays over .....

Easter holidays nearly over.
It was a pretty quiet holiday, full of great stuff.
Of course, Molly's starting to realise that it's a lot more fun to spend time with her friends than it is to spend time with me. We're not yet at the stage where she wants nothing to do with me, but given a choice between a day out with me or a day with her friends, I'm under no illusions as to what she'd rather do.

So it's back to school for us both tomorrow. Although at the time of writing we're covered in a lovely blanket of snow, so it may be a long wintery drive. Molly's not back till Tuesday so she gets to spend a day with me at school. Which is no bad thing since she enjoys it in much the same way I remember going into dad's school for the occasional training day as well.

I have spent half term spectacularly failing to get around to doing much, which is, I suppose, the whole point behind a holiday.
But from tomorrow there are several resolutions I intend to try and get around to:
Things to be doing,
Reading more
relaxing more,
stressing less,
getting to bed at least a little earlier.

Although Sky Two sabotaged my plans to get round to going to bed early these past two weeks - they were showing the entire third season of Battlestar Galatica very late at night in advance of the new and final series premiering in a couple of weeks. So I just had to watch them all didn't I? I don't think 3am is too late really, is it?
But that was all over last week. And the new series is on at the very reasonable time of 9pm so I have no excuse for lateness from now on.

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