Sunday, April 13, 2008

Meccano - was it like this as a child?

Raining today. So no going out from Bruton mansions.
Instead we finally got out the Meccano set that mom and dad found in the cupboard at their house and brought up to us last week.
It was a huge Army Construction kit from way, way back when I was a little boy. Molly was really looking forward to it and had been pestering about it since mom and dad left. We proceeded to pick our model and started to build. And then I realised exactly why I never really bothered to make all of the models in the kit that I could. Because building Meccano is dull. Sorry, but it is.
I think Molly soon realised this but carried on just because we were playing and she enjoys that whatever we do.
But I ended up making far more of it than Molly did, all the time wondering if everyone my age thought the same of their Meccano sets they had as a child. Meccano may have been wonderful before things like plastic and television were invented but to be honest it just doesn't cut it in the modern day it seems.

However, after making her Army lorry, Molly found a perfect use for it:

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