Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stardust dvd

The family Bruton sat down this afternoon wishing the rain would just bloody stop and settled in for the afternoon to watch Stardust.

Obviously, being a Neil Gaiman fan (but not a fanatic) I was interested to see how this one turned out. As I remembered the Stardust Graphic Novel illustrated by Charles Vess was a beautiful if slight thing, enjoyable enough but nothing to make me go wow. I've never read the novel that Gaiman subsequently did either.

So I came to the movie fairly fresh. And Louise came to it wondering why the hell she was watching something that I'd recommended to her as a lovely Gaiman-esque fantasy. But it was a delight. Far better than I was expecting and even Louise had to admit that it was really good. For a modern fantasy film it was surprisingly light on the special effects, something which actually helped the whole story move along a lot better.

And it actually made me want to get the book out and see what Gaiman's fantasy writing was like again - something I do every so often.

It's certainly not the greatest film in the world, but it's certainly a very pleasant diversion for a wet Sunday afternoon.

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