Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tax - why 10p matters so much....

It's not because of the tax change so much that it really matters. The tax system is always going to be discriminatory. And always will be until we adopt a clear, sensible and equitable system with one rate of tax. No higher rate, no lower rate. You just pay one rate. But with that one rate it's essential to strip away all of the deception, all of the write-offs, all of the loop holes that mean higher rate tax payers can reduce their tax burden to below lower rate in some cases. Why would it be so wrong to have a simple system?

The thing that really, really gives me a sense of betrayal from this Labour government is that with the removal of the 10p tax rate Labour are effectively taking from the poor and giving to the rich. Hardly what we all voted for way back when.
Things really don't get better do they?

Of course, a staunch red like me isn't going to go as far as voting blue. And voting orange (or whatever colour the Liberals are using nowadays) isn't an answer either. So what on earth am I to do?

All I know is that Labour in general and Gordon in particular have managed, by this betrayal of whatever I thought a Labour government was meant to stand for, to make me wonder who I'm voting for now. And that's something I've never had to ask myself in all of my adult life.

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