Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday afternoons are fab.....

Well, they are if I actually get to leave school early.
And today I did, blissfully early. Came home and sat and had coffee and relaxed.
(And did a bit of stuff on the computer - what did you expect?)

The day at school was fine, just getting on with all the stuff I hadn't had chance to do yet. Next week is when the real problems start. We've got our network reconfigure next week and frankly I'm absolutely dreading it. It's like having major work done on the house. I spend all of my time worrying about what the hell will happen and over-planning it in my head and then fussing over the clean-up and the problems afterwards. So it is with this network reconfigure. All I can think of is the problems it's going to cause rather than the good things it's going to do and the way it will help. It also doesn't help that, since I don't really know enough about networking I'm rather in the dark as to how it will all work.

So I'm having a hard time putting it aside for the weekend and concentrating on other things. Such is the stupid way my mind works. Ho Hum.

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