Friday, May 09, 2008

Milk Float and getting a pint a day delivered to the doorstep

I was talking to one of the teachers the other day and the conversation got round to the evils of supermarkets and how we're trying to do our best to support Pocklington shops in every way we can.
He brought up something that, to my shame, I'd never thought of doing. You see, we have a local dairy in Pocklington. And until he mentioned it, I'd never even thought of getting our milk from there. But it makes absolute sense. It's pennies more expensive and because it's good old fashioned glass bottles, helps out the recycling we're doing more and more of now. (Because even though we recycle everything we can, a glass bottle being continually recycled by the dairy is far better).

One concern I had was the time they come round. I didn't want milk on the doorstep going off in the summer sun. But he reassured me that they come round very early.

And then it clicked. Suddenly I realised I now knew what the electric motor noise was I often hear when I'm still up at 3am in the morning.

So today I made the phone call today and for the first time in what must be 25 years the Bruton family will have a pint of milk delivered to the doorstep every morning.

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  1. Good on you, we get our Milk delivered from a local dairy too, and you just can't beat it. Much better than the crap in the supermarkets and we get fresh vegetables delivered to us as well it's great!!