Friday, May 23, 2008

Half Term

Finally. Half Term holidays are here.
The day went very well indeed at school. It nearly went a bit tits up early on when we had a quick network problem. But luckily, the chaos of the last week has meant that I now know an awful lot more about how to fix the damn thing when it breaks.

After that, a remarkably normal and stress free day. Which made a nice bloody change.
It's been a pretty crappy half term really, with this last week being the icing on the cake. But I get the feeling that in about a year's time, when I can look back on it without breaking out in a cold sweat I'll think it was all worthwhile after all and that I actually learnt a lot because of the network breaking.

But now a few days off from school work and maybe even a few days off active blogging as well. I've got a couple of reviews that have to be written by early next week. And I keep putting them off. It's not that I don't want to write them, just that I want to do a really good review about a book I absolutely love. And that's always really difficult to do.

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