Thursday, May 22, 2008

Work. Network. Hassle. Niggles. Call it what you will, it's all computer trouble.

Another interesting day at work today. More network troubles, as is usual these days. This makes it day 7 of network nightmare. Of course, it's amazing how much I've actually learned in the last few days about the network. I guess it is true what they say about the best way to learn is to actually do. Looking back at all of my adventures in computing I've always learned this way, from the very first computer I owned.
But like one of the network people once told me, it's one thing learning about computers by working on one at home, but you just can't do that so easily with a network and a server. The option to tinker and experiment isn't there.
As usual, when I have some network professional in with me doing things I've spent much of the last week feeling first inadequate and a little shit at my job. But this has changed slightly into something better, a bit more confidence about my abilities and a realisation that even the network pros tend to just tinker and experiment themselves. I'm always amazed at how often they'll scratch their heads and just suggest trying so little change or other in the hope it will make a difference. Even better is when he refers to the problems that have seen me continually stress out over the network for the last week solid as little niggles and teething troubles.

So, as it stands, I go in tomorrow for the first time in what seems like forever where nothing needs fixing, nothing is wrong and there's nothing to stress about. Yet.

Oh it will be a very good day indeed tomorrow if I finish the day early and nothing has gone wrong at all. That would be very nice indeed.

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