Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The long day ends ....... now the moaning starts...

Finally finished. exhausted.
Network configuration day went as well as can be expected. But of course the real work starts once the expert buggers off. And so it was. He left and I spent the next two hours sorting it out. Adding programs, printers, tweaking speed, internet shortcuts, registers access and the like.
As is always the way, these things are taking ages and I expect to still be at it all day tomorrow.

To add to my stress I was leading a report writing session tonight. So I knew I was going to be late. It wasn't the report help I minded, if it took me away from sorting out the computers then so be it. And it just means I'll be working hard at it tomorrow.
But what really annoys is the stroppy staff. Not all of them mind, just a few. It seems the idea of logging into the network using their actual name and having to put a password in is just too much trouble. aaargh.

So tomorrow I resign myself for a day of fiddly stuff and lots of moaning about how it doesn't work exactly like it used to. bah.

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