Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Start the day as I mean to go on..... headache and stressed

Today, well tomorrow after some sleep I guess, is the network change at work.
The network guy comes in at 9. Talks to me for a bit, realises I have no idea what I'm doing and then realises he has a long day ahead.
I've just spent an hour trying to map out what I'm after. The list of questions and things I want to know how to do runs to 3 sides of A4. But I have got a big messy diagram of what I want. looks like some crap Rolf Harris painting.

Oh, this day is going to be no fun at all. I've already got a blinding headache and am stressing out about it.
My hope is that he does the physical changes and folder creation in 2 hours and spends the rest of the day showing me what I need to do!

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