Sunday, May 11, 2008

Milk & Cheese - new comics - Yeah!

It seems that Dark Horse Comics have a MySpace page. And instead of filling it with make believe friends and lists of all the rubbish they like in music, TV and movies they've taken the great step of filling it with quality web only comics.

There are all sorts of creators on there; Peter Bagge, Mike Mignola, Ian Edginton, John Arcudi, Gabriel Ba and most importantly to me: Evan Dorkin. I love Evan Dorkin. I worry about his mental health, but I love reading about it. But the most wonderful Evan Dorkin comic is also the simplest Evan Dorkin comic. A milk carton and a slab of cheese hit things. Repeatedly. Comedy ensues. Blood flows.
This is Milk and Cheese. They are very funny. You must agree. This time they're off to a furrie convention in "The Fursuit of Happiness":

That should be enough to get the entire gag over to you. Milk and Cheese is just simple funny. There's Milk. There's Cheese. A carton of hate and a wedge of spite. Dairy products gone bad. They both hate you and would dearly love to set about you with all manner of sharp objects. Now, what could be funnier than that?

The Dark Horse MySpace page with Milk and Cheese is here. Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer blog and have a website at the House of Fun. All images belong to Evan Dorkin. Hands off or the dairy produce will be coming for a visit.

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