Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Cure single.

I love the Cure.
No, I really, really love them.
They informed my entire teenage years and certainly informed my dress sense. Thanks to Robert Smith I discovered eyeliner, hair spray and lipstick. Thanks to that I was nearly signed up for my form tutor's emotional problems class, such was the impact wearing eyeliner to my mock O levels. But I loved the Cure. Always did. Always will. I have practically everything they did. I will buy the deluxe cds. I will buy the dvds. I will buy anything they do. Or at least I thought I would.

They have a new single out now called The Only One. It's available in the shops and it's on I-tunes.
But I just torrented it.

I am feeling guilty.
Of course, I'd be feeling a lot more guilty if it didn't sound very much like the Cure I loved from back in 1992.
Essentially it's okay, but that's about it. My Cure days may be over. What a horrible thing to consider.
Although I must admit the last album The Cure (2004) was a huge disappointment after the high point of Bloodflowers (2000). But all is not lost, old Robert Smith is talking about the another album before Christmas - considerably darker than the one they're about to release. And that sounds like it might be a very good thing indeed. Although it does mean that the new album sounds like it may be a bit crap though. After all if he's already talking about how good the album after this one is going to be, surely that doesn't say much for the album that's due.

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