Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Reviewing drunk - the update.... and on Dark Room writing software

Last night I shut every distraction down on the computer and tried to get my head in order to write a review. I was pleasantly buzzing off the combination of a stressful day, a couple of big G&Ts and no food since breakfast.
Tonight, revisiting the review, I discovered, somewhat to my surprise, that it wasn't the ravings of a gibbering drunk, but actually held together quite well. So I edited and added photos and it was ready to go.

In actual fact the review of Matthew Craig's small press offerings wasn't the next on the review list. I'm meant to be reviewing Trains Are .. Mint by Oliver East. But that review isn't going well. I'm trying to give it the review it really deserves. Because it's late May and I think I've just found the book of 2008. It's that good.

So while I hit a brick wall on that, I opened Matthew's stuff up and immediately got second wind on the reviewing. Sometimes it just works like that.

A note on the writing software that I mentioned as well. It's something called Dark Room. It's a simple black screen and coloured text environment that saves to a simple .txt file. It's small, light and free.

And it's perfect for just getting things done with minimal distractions. Distractions like writing blog posts when I should be writing reviews.
More gin needed.

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